Repair Showers

Need help to fix your leaking shower tap or your faulty shower mixer faucet?

Repair Shower Leaks


Due to the high price of real estate in Singapore, local households often do not have the luxury of space to install a bathtub in our space-challenged bathrooms.  Shower stalls or shower cubicles are often found here instead.  Shower cubicles are popular because we often take quick showers in our hot and humid weather, and a compact shower cubicle fits perfectly into our bathroom’s limited floor area.

Due to frequent usage, as time passes, worn shower heads, old shower faucets or brittle shower hoses often lead to leaks and drips.  Such leakages are not just annoying, they are actually a great waste of natural resources (water), and result in an inflated water bill for us!

If small leakages are not resolved as soon as possible, they may morph into bigger problems such as mould growth and decayed cabinets, floorings or ceilings.  By then, the cost of renovation would be far greater than your plumbing bill!


Repair Shower Mixer Or Shower Faucet


For bathing and showering, we often like to bathe with lukewarm water since it is the most comfortable for the human body.  In order to achieve this delicate mix, our shower faucet or shower taps are often mixer taps – where hot and cold water from two valves are blended before reaching the outlet (shower head).  So if our shower mixer is broken or leaking, we may not be able to enjoy our showers at our ideal appropriate temperature.

When showering, you may notice that the shower mixer tap is leaking from the joints of the handle or the middle knob (shower diverter).  This indicates there may be a leak within the mixer itself.

Besides water leakages, other common mechanical problems are:

  1. Tap handles which are too loose or too tight.
  2. Hot water or cold water not flowing as expected.
  3. Only hot water flowing out.
  4. Only cold water flowing out.

Repair Shower Diverter


A shower diverter is a plumbing valve which helps to divert water from the shower head to the shower faucet/tap, or vice versa.  It can also be used to divert water flow from a fixed overhead shower head to a handheld shower head.  The shower diverter is normally a knob found just behind the the shower mixer tap.

The most common problem with the shower diverter is water leakage.  As the shower diverter valve is used every day, over time, excessive wear and tear results – usually this issue is resolved by tightening the screws on the shower valve.

Another factor affecting water flow may be due the accumulation of grime, dirt and sediment on the valve – usually removed with a small wire brush.

Other mechanical problems observed are: Knob cannot be pulled up or let down. Or knob cannot stay in place (usually in the UP position) but keeps slipping down.  When any of these happen, your shower head would not be able to produce water at your desired pressure, causing you much frustration.

Repair Shower Head


The shower head controls the water pressure and water flow to suit the preferences of different individuals at home.  A shower head is a perforated nozzle that sprays water over a certain angle, often adjustable by the user.  More complex shower heads are able to spray different water patterns – intermittent pulses, strong spray, gentle spray, narrow spray, wide spray and even massaging modes.

Over a period of time, the small holes in the shower head may become dirty – clogged up by dirt and sediment from the hard water flowing through them or from the environment.  Clogged holes impede the water flowing through the shower head and reduce the water pressure accordingly.

Often when we are not careful, our shower head may slip from our soapy hands and fall onto the hard bathroom floor.  The impact may crack the shower head or cause it to leak.

Professional Plumbing Services For Showers In The Bathroom


In the above examples, not all shower items can be repaired.  In some cases, the item may be faulty beyond repair and the whole unit needs to be replaced.  Usually the shower head and/or shower hose have to be replaced with a new one.

Whether you need repair or replacement of your shower head, shower diverter, shower mixer or shower hose, our trained plumber will advise you accordingly.  Our company’s principle is to always provide our customers with the best value-for-money options for their kind consideration.

Alternatively, some customers may choose to purchase their own shower head, shower diverter, shower mixer or shower hose, and engage our skilled plumber to do the necessary installation, piping and plumbing works for them.

In any case, no matter how big or how small the job is, simply give us a ring at 9729 1059 and we will render our best service to you.

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