Replace Toilets

Need professional help to replace your toilet bowl or change its spare parts?

I Want To Upgrade My Toilet Flush


Are you frustrated when you always need to flush multiple times before you manage to get rid of all that waste material in your toilet bowl? 

Or do you always need to adjust your toilet seat as one of its hinges is loose or has come off completely?  

Do you want to save water by upgrading to a dual-flush toilet? 

For a small investment, you can replace a poorly functioning toilet with a highly efficient, new and modern toilet of a certain quality.

This is an investment that will lead to a significant reduction in your water bill (yes, you will see a smaller SP Services utilities bill monthly!) and save you lots of frustration – especially if your toilet is really old and problematic.

Sometimes, your toilet may develop serious problems that render it beyond repair, especially when the cost of repairing it far outweighs the cost of simply replacing it with a new toilet.

Fortunately, in most cases, simply replacing certain toilet parts will solve your problem(s).



Replace Toilet Seat And Toilet Seat Cover

For example, as seen from the pictures below, simply changing your spoilt toilet bowl seat and toilet seat cover will make it look brand new again. You do not have to change the whole toilet bowl.


Replace Toilet Seat

A cosmetic upgrade is the most common reason for replacing your old toilet seat.

Your toilet seat can get damaged or even crack, especially when misused, but most often the goal is to simply freshen up the look of the toilet.

Toilet seats come in two basic styles or sizes: round (16 inches from front to back) and oblong or elongated (18 inches from front to back).

Do measure the old seat before you go shopping for a new one, or bring the old seat with you to ensure that you get the correct size.

Replace Flush Valve

Sometimes you may need to replace a toilet flush valve and the rubber spud washer that prevents water leaks when the tank water goes into the bowl.

Hard water can eat away at the rubber gaskets in these parts and can cause them to fail over time.

When that happens, it is time to replace the flush valve.

Replace Flapper

Hard water is the leading cause for this repair.

Minerals in the water build up on the flapper and around the opening of the base of the flush valve, and the sediment eventually destroys the flapper.

The good news is that you can replace a flapper easily.

Replace Fill Valve

During the flushing process, the outgoing water that goes into the toilet bowl (to flush away the waste material) is controlled by the flush valve and flapper.

The fill valve controls the water coming back into the tank after the toilet is flushed.   Toilet fill valves can develop leaks too.

Hard water causes rubber seals and gaskets to deteriorate, and minerals in the water find their way onto the moving parts of the fill valve, slowing down their operations or even causing them to stop operating totally.

Replace Toilet Tank Cover



One of the common household problems is having a broken toilet tank cover. As these are usually made of ceramic, once broken, they must be replaced.


If the parts from supplier are still available, we can procure it on your behalf.


However in this case, there are no longer any POTEX toilet cistern cover in the market. Hence the whole toilet bowl will need to be replaced.


Replacement Vs Installation

If you are unsure of whether it would be more cost-effective to replace your faulty toilet parts, or simply install a brand new toilet, call us and we would be glad to advise you on your options.

Our company specializes in helping Singaporean households and offices carry out replacement or installation of toilets.

We also have a network of trusted suppliers who provide a wide range of toilet parts and accessories.  Hence on top of excellent workmanship, you will also receive high quality products at competitive prices.

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