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Reasons To Replace Your Tap Or Faucet


Does your tap look old and unsightly?  Or are they peppered with stubborn stains that simply cannot be removed, no matter how hard you tried? 

Or is your tap spoilt beyond repair?  Did the handle break off?  Or may be it is more economical to replace the whole tap with a new one then to repair it (since labour cost in Singapore is rising every year).  Moreover the replacement parts for your old tap may no longer be available. 

No matter what your reasons for replacing your tap may be, you would still be faced with the task of picking the right tap that fits your requirements.

Whether you are replacing a rusty tap for your HDB’s tenant, or planning to replace your outdated and inefficient tap at home, it is important to consider replacing with a good quality and water-efficient tap in order to avoid/minimize water leakages or other tap problems in the future.


Different Tap Styles & Types

Taps come in a wide range of materials – stainless steel, chrome, brass, nickel and even gold.

The type of material does not affect the tap’s performance and efficiency.

Taps can have glossy finishes such that they gleam and sparkle in your bathroom.  Or they can come with matte finishes which give them that modern contemporary look.  Some fancy taps even feature LED lighting such that the spout changes color depending on the water’s temperature.

The two most common tap styles are: crosshead tap and lever tap.

Taps can be fitted in various ways, depending on their application and positioning.  They can be fitted to the base of the spout or mounted separately, leading to variations such as: Pedestal taps, double lever taps, single lever taps, wall mounted taps and more.


DIY Tap Replacement vs Professional Tap Replacement

There are tons of articles on the Internet teaching how we can replace our tap in a DIY manner.

True, it may not be a difficult exercise, but it can still prove tricky at various stages, especially if you are unsure about what you are doing, or lack the necessary tools to carry it out.

No doubt you may think that you are saving some money by doing it yourself, but the time spent troubleshooting and poring over the details may actually not worth your effort. Valuable time may be better spent having a good meal with your family or hanging out at Orchard Road with your friends.


Remember, you can always choose to hire our professional plumber to do the job for you.  Not only will you not get all dirty and frustrated, you will save a lot of time as our plumbers are able to complete the job in a matter of hours since they have specialized knowledge and are experienced enough to handle any sort of complications that may arise during the tap replacement process.

Additionally, we carry a variety of taps from various brands for your selection.  The prices are reasonable and it will save you the hassle of hunting for a suitable replacement tap, especially if you need the new tap urgently.

Alternatively you may choose to procure the tap of your choice on your own and we would be most happy to carry out the tap installation for you.

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