Replace Sinks

Need professional help to replace your old damaged sink?

Replace Damaged Sinks


Is your bathroom sink cracked and beyond repair? Or do you plan to change it to a vitreous china sink with its easy to clean lustrous surface, and is most resistant to discoloration and corrosion?

Sinks get worn down easily as we use them so often – in the bathroom, in the kitchen and even in our backyard.

It may also get damaged when we accidentally drop something sharp or heavy onto it, causing chips or cracks in the sink.  If the damage is too serious and cannot be repaired, you will need to replace the entire sink.

For enamel sinks, once the glass surface is breached, the underlying cast iron often corrode, thus the whole unit needs to be replaced.


Sometimes, it is not necessary to replace the entire sink.  Just replacing parts of the sink is sufficient to solve your problem.

If your reason for replacing is due to leak outside the sink, where water drips to the floor causing significant damage, then replacing the sink basket (the basket connects the sink to the drain) should resolve the leak.

If your sink persistently clogs at the sink trap, it could be that the clogs are too stubborn or impossible to remove, then replacing the sink trap should do the trick.


Upgrade Old, Tired-Looking Sinks

Other than sink problems, there could be other reasons you want to change your sink.

When you buy a house from another owner, you may want to replace the existing sink with one of your choice.

Maybe you prefer a double-bowl stainless steel kitchen sink instead of the current single-bowl enamel-over cast iron sink.  Or while renovating your existing house, you may wish to take the opportunity to change the design and color of your glass vessel sink to give your bathroom a refreshed look.

As sinks come in various sizes, design and colors, when replacing your sinks, you may need to re-size and re-do your counter top to fit the new sink.

Whether it is top-mount or under-mount sinks, our plumbing experts will be able to give you advice on the sink fittings and help install them for you.  We can handle all sorts of sinks, be it kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks and also sinks make of various materials.


Professional Sink Replacement Or Installation

Whatever your reasons for replacing your sink (or parts of your basin), should you need professional sink installation, be it installing your kitchen sink or your bathroom sink, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

We will size up the job and provide you a free quotation.  We can supply the sink or you can choose to procure one yourself.  Upon your confirmation, our plumber will be dispatched to your doorsteps at your preferred date and time to get the replacement done for you.

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