Replace Light Switch

Need help to change or upgrade your old or faulty light switch?

Changing Your Light And Heater Switches


There are many reasons why we want to replace or change our light and/or heater switches.

The old switch may have worn out and has become faulty and beyond repair.

Or it may have become tired-looking and dirty with stains.

Or your simply wanted to upgrade your outdated wall light switch with a more efficient or energy-saving one.


Upgrading Your Light Switch


Studies have shown that lighting and ambience affects our mood, our energy level and even our sleep patterns.

With the myriad of modern light switches in the market – home owners may want to update the appearance for their home simply by changing the look of their light switches – the size, colour or style of the switches.

Additionally, the corresponding light fixture and lighting play a big role in altering the feel and look of your home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Simply by swapping a traditional on/off single pole light switch for a dimmer switch, you create versatility in your home.  From romantic ambience to full-on bright lights – you gain complete control over the amount of light in your room.

On top of that, by choosing to dim the lights, you turn down the power and hence save on your electricity bills.

More savvy home occupants may even opt for smart switches for better control over their environment.  Options include dimmer switches, combination switches, occupancy/vacancy sensing switches, programmable timer switches and more.

With home automation getting more and more popular,  many home owners are turning to smart switches which give them added conveniences like being able to adjust or turn off their lighting via a remote device.


Wiring, Replacing Or Installing A Switch


As with all electrical work, safety is paramount and caution has to be taken at all times.  If you are not confident with wiring and replacing or installing your switch, our expert electricians are able to help you do it safely, securely and efficiently.

No matter what handyman service you need help with – running wiring for your new switch, rewiring the old cables, replacing a faulty two gang switch or installing a new dimmer light switch… we can help you.

We supply and fix most switches, so feel free to call 9729 1059 for an appointment today!


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