Repair Taps

Need professional help to fix your faulty or leaky tap?

Frequent Tap Usage Causes Wear & Tear


Taps are an integral part of all households in Singapore.  They can be found in the bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage and even in the backyard.  Due to the frequent usage, it is very important to make sure that they are in good working condition.  And precisely because they are used so often, taps tend to break down or become faulty when their parts get worn down quickly.

Some problems can be fixed by simply replacing worn or faulty parts.  Other times, we may need to replace the entire tap unit in order to solve the problem.


Signs That Your Tap Needs Repairs


A dripping tap is one of the most common plumbing problems in the Singapore home. It is also the one of the main culprit if you find your monthly SP Services utility bill shoot up suddenly.

Depending on the type of tap mechanism you are dealing with, drips and leaks may be caused by different things, and hence solved differently.


6 Common Tap Related Problems


  1. Tap handle too stiff to turn on and off
  2. Tap handle that could not tightened and water continue to drip
  3. Persistent leaking and yet the source of leakage cannot be traced
  4. The pipe makes a load banging noise when turned on
  5. Tap handles break off
  6. Loose tap handles

4 Main Types Of Taps

Compression Washer Taps are the oldest and most widely used type of tap.  They are also the ones that will cause the most problems.

Ball Taps, also known as mixer taps, have a rounded cap and a single lever handle which controls both the hot and cold water supply.

Ceramic Disk Taps, with a wide cylindrical body, are also single handle mixer taps.  They are usually very long lasting, but over time, the ceramic disks eventually wear out and the cylinder or the whole tap will need to be replaced.  Tiny particles of dirt or grit can get trapped between the ceramic washers, preventing them from closing correctly.  Thus you may wish to remove and clean them before considering replacement.

Cartridge Taps are more difficult to troubleshoot than the above three types of tap, namely because they have components similar to all three.  Cartridge taps can be single-handled or double-handled.  They have an internal cartridge which, when twisted, allows water to pass through.

4 Main Tap Varieties

  1. Compression Washer Taps
  2. Ball Taps
  3. Disk Taps
  4. Cartridge Taps

No matter what type of tap you have, our plumbing specialists would be able to troubleshoot and fix your faulty tap.

You don’t have to spend endless hours trying to figure out how to replace your tap washer or reseat your valve, only to find out that it still does not solve your tap problem. You don’t have to pay huge water bills (due to a dripping tap) without knowing why.

Book an appointment with us today and let our plumbers advise you whether your faulty tap should be repaired or replaced.


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