Repair Light Switch

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Light Cannot Be Turned On With Switch 


One night, you flip the bedroom light switch to “ON”, but nothing happens.  Usually the problem may be a fused light bulb, if it is not a power trip in your whole apartment.

After changing the light bulb, you try again, still no reaction.

You may have a faulty light fixture or a faulty light switch problem.


Wear & Tear Of Internal Electronic Components

Generally electric wall switches last a long time.

But like all electrical devices, the properties of the internal electronic components and driver components will degrade over time due to prolong usage.

Such degradation will definitely impair the performance of the components and the entire light switch itself.

Wear & Tear Of Mechanical Components

The light switch is also made up of mechanical parts, so like all other mechanical fixtures, usage over time will cause wear and tear to the parts.  Eventually the whole switch will not work and needs to be replaced.

Sometimes, the light switch may break and even crack. This is very dangerous as moisture from the air can permeate the switch unit and reach the internal conductors, hence creating a fire hazard.

In this case, it is highly recommended to change the entire switch unit as soon as possible.

Wiring Problems

Another common cause of light switch issues may be the wiring of the switch.

Loose wire connections can cause intermittent electricity flow, which results in the switch working inconsistently.

Make sure all the wires are attached firmly to the switch – tighten the screws to secure all wiring in their rightful positions.

If some of the wires are damaged or frayed, unscrew them and trim off the wire ends.  Next, strip off the plastic sheath to expose roughly one inch of the wire. Finally reattach the wires securely in their original positions.

Make sure none of the exposed wires are touching the electrical box, as this will blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker.

Safety Precautions To Take Before Troubleshooting

Before you even start troubleshooting your electrical light switch, always remember – Safety First.

Protect yourself by ensuring the wires to the switch are dead before carry out your diagnostic tests.

At the fuse box, do turn off the power to the circuit.  Make sure there is no power coursing through the wires by checking the wires with a circuit tester.

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