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I Need To Help With Plumbing Repairs

Are you feeling frustrated because your toilet cannot flush?  Or do you feel like screaming when your kitchen sink refused to drain properly?  Slipped on your perpetually wet toilet floor and don’t know where the leak is coming from?  Toilet bowl choked with toilet paper and sanitary pads?

The first step in solving a plumbing problem is to accept that you are unable to fix it yourself.  Then you can take a deep breath and call in a professional plumber who has the expertise and appropriate tools to rectify the problem.  The longer you wait and the more you try to fix the problem yourself, the more you end up paying the plumber to undo your “handiwork” and then fix up the original problem. Not to mention the additional SGH medical bills or your flooring contractor’s repair bills!

Don’t procrastinate and put off the minor repairs!  A simple repair like a dripping tap/faucet or a running toilet is an easy job – especially when compared to a replacement or installation project that is necessary because you did not stop that drip.  Flooring and ceiling boards can be eroded and you may need to redo your flooring, re-plaster your ceiling and not to mention, repaint the whole area.  These would be major projects – unnecessary time wasted, very expensive and highly inconvenient for the whole family.

Professional Plumbing Services

Sometimes it is fine to take the easy way out.

Instead of spending your time researching on how to repair a dripping tap and investing your weekend executing your theory, and getting yourself all wet when the pipe under the kitchen sink burst, why not simply call in the professionals to fix it for you quickly and efficiently (then you can get back to watching your Korean drama or soccer on MIO TV).


Our company offers a wide range of plumbing services at affordable prices to both homes and companies in Singapore.  Our team of expert plumbers are all highly skilled and well-equipped to solve any plumbing problems you may face.  After assessing the problem, they are able to advise you on your available options and the costs involved.  Then you can make your own informed decision on whether to repair that old faulty flush or to upgrade to a more water-efficient one.  Contact us today and we will be glad to assist you.

Let Us Help You With Our Plumbing Solutions


Repair Leaky Tap

Wasting water with your dripping tap or faucet?


Clear Clogged Sink

Fed up with the slow draining water in choked kitchen sink?


Repair Leaky Toilet

Puddles of water on the toilet floor?


Repair Faulty Tap

Having problem with a faulty tap or faucet?


Clear Clogged Toilet

Toilet bowl choked by toilet paper, pads and poop?


Repair Leaky Shower

Faced with a leaking shower faucet or shower head?


Repair Leaky Pipes

Having leaking pipe or worse, a burst pipe?


Install Water Heater

Upgrading to a more efficient water heater?


Replace/Install Sink

Replacing your old worn-out sink?


Repair Water Heater

Need help with your faulty water heater?


Repair Toilet

Toilet bowl flushes weakly or cannot flush properly?


Replace/Install Tap

Replacing your faulty tap?

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