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Common Lighting Problems At Home


Have you experienced going to the toilet at night, tried switching on the ceiling light but found that it is not working?  Or the wall light in your bedroom keeps flickering non-stop, such that you are unable to finish reading your favourite book?

Or the light bulb fused in the middle of your nice dinner?  Or maybe some parts of your beautiful LED lights are not working in the living room?  Need help changing that fluorescent tube in your kitchen?

In modern Singapore, we often take it for granted that whenever we flip on the light switch, our light fixtures will work perfectly.  Hence we tend to get annoyed when things do not go as planned, and we are met with darkness.

Light flickering or totally fused?Need help changing those Osram lamps inside your light fixture?Fret not. Let our trusted electricians help you.No need to rush to NTUC or your nearby hardware shop, then wonder which bulb or which lamp is suitable for your old-fashion light fixture at home. 

Our professional electrician is able to supply the parts and fix it for you in no time.


Light Fixtures Cannot Be Switched On

There are many factors which may cause our light fixtures not to light up.

The bulb or light tube may have fused or may be faulty. The electronic starter or driver components may have malfunctioned.

There may be some problem with the electrical wiring to the light fixtures or the light switch. Or some of the electronic components or wiring has worn down due to prolong usage or aging.

Light Keeps Flickering

If your light keeps flickering on and off, it could mean the bulb’s filament is nearly gone, or probably the switch contacts are getting bad.

It could also mean that there are some loose electrical connections somewhere – the switch, the panel, the junction box or the light socket, which prevents the electricity from flowing smoothly to your light fixture.

If this blinking light problem is happening throughout your home, more often than not, the main wire connection has some issues.

Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Soon

There are various factors affecting the life span of your light bulbs.

When the light bulb of the wrong wattage is used, the attached light fixture may not be able to dissipate their heat efficiently, hence causing the light bulb to burn out faster than usual.

Or there could be some loose electrical connections in the wire circuitry or within the light socket itself.  Or the light bulb may simply be of an inferior quality.

Fluorescent Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes Replacement

Fluorescent lights are commonly used both in the home and in commercial buildings.  They generate less heat and consume less energy than the incandescent bulbs, and typically last longer.

However replacing a burnt out fluorescent tube can be challenging for the laymen.  If not positioned properly, it would not work.  Twisting too forcefully may also break an end socket.

Since the tubes work in pairs and generally have similar lifespan, it is recommended that both tubes be replaced with brand new ones even if only one of the tubes has died.  Reason being that if either of the two tubes is malfunctioning, neither would work well anyway.

Energy-Efficient LED Lights Save You Money

In fact, many households and companies are looking to replace their current old-fashion fluorescent lights to the trendier and energy-saving LED lights.

LED light bulbs combine a beautiful warm white light with an exceptionally long lifetime. LED bulbs provide immediate, significant energy savings while enhancing your home atmosphere. LED light is flicker free and has a high color rendering index which ensures that objects are seen in their true, natural colours.

LED bulbs create the perfect light quality for every occasion – from romantic lighting for a warm, cozy ambience, to bright lights for lighting up special objects. They are ideal for decorative light fixtures, table lamps and recessed ceiling lighting.

Do you need help with your new LED lights? Wish to replace all your old traditional energy-sapping incandescent light bulbs with LED lights?

Feel free to contact our reliable electricians for our light replacement services.



On-Site Diagnosis Of Lighting Problems

Your light fixture failed to light up when switched on. After replacing a new bulb and a new fuse, it still failed to light up.

It may be a light ballast issue.

On site troubleshooting is required for thorough checking to be carried out.


Leaving The Electrical Light Repairs To The Experts

Unless you have the patience and expertise to troubleshoot each and every component of your light fixture, replace the faulty part, rewire the cabling if necessary, etc…. We highly recommend you leave the job to the expert.

Our company’s electricians are professionals and experienced in fixing all kinds of lighting problems.  We can diagnose the problem for you, supply and replace the faulty parts for you and even rerun the wiring for your light fixtures.  Our services are affordably priced and we work efficiently.

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