Leaking Taps

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Drip, drip, drip….Do you find leaking taps annoying?  Cannot get to sleep due to the constant sound of water dripping from your bathroom tap?  Upon checking, you find that the tap is already turned off tightly.  So why is it still leaking water?

Yes, the sound of water dripping steadily from your leaky tap can be very disturbing, especially in the silence of the night.

Not only that, a leaky tap dripping at a rate of 1 drip per second can waste more than 11,345 litres of water per year!  This also means that every month, our household water bill is actually more than it should be.  What a waste of money and precious resources!


Other Damages From That Constant Water Drip

Many people ignore leaky taps and leave them unrepaired.

However this may lead to bigger damages that may result in serious consequences.

For example, water from leaking taps or faucets can cause unsightly stains in the long run.

Water seeping into your floorboards, ceilings and cabinets may lead to decay and corrosion.

Additionally the wetness results in slippery floors which are especially unsafe for old folks and young children.

That is why it is very important to promptly repair any leaking tap or replace it, if necessary.


Causes Of A Leaking Faucet

What causes taps or faucets to leak/drip?

The reasons could be many, but most of the time it is due to problems with the washer, the O-ring or jumper valve.

These parts could be damaged or wear off over time and need to be replaced.  If the drip is from a mixer nozzle, then you may need to change both the tap washers.

A leaking tap can also be caused by a damaged or a corroded valve seat.  If not cleaned properly, over time, it can produce leaks near the spout.  Other potential issues may be worn-out seals, loose parts, or even broken plumbing.

If you are able to procure the faulty part and have the necessary tools to replace it yourself, the problem can probably be fixed.

If you do not have the necessary tools and find it a hassle to source for the right parts, why not contact our expert plumbers?


Our plumbing specialist will be able to determine the exact source of the leakage.  Needless to say, he comes equipped with all the necessary tools and parts, and should a replacement be necessary, it can be done on the spot.

If the leakage is due to other causes, he will be able to advise how the problem can be fixed.

Do not let that easily fixed leaking tap blow up into a much bigger and serious problem.  Book your appointment with us via the contact form today!

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