Repair Pipes

Need professional help to repair your leaking or burst pipes?

Signs Of A Leaking Sink Pipe


Do you notice the puddles of water inside your kitchen cabinet just below the sink?

Or are there water stains on the floor around the cabinet? 

Did your downstairs neighbor complain to you about the stains on her living room ceiling, located just below your kitchen?

If you have experienced any of the above, then you may have some kind of leak at your kitchen sink – it may be at the sink rim, the shutoff valves, supply pipes, or the pipe connections; in fact, leaks can occur at any plumbing joint.


Pipes In Our Homes


There are several plumbing systems in our home – water plumbing system, waste plumbing system and natural gas plumbing system.  Each is made up of a network of pipes, which may carry clean water, waste material or natural gas, depending on which system we are referring to.

Fixtures are what we use to control our plumbing systems.  They include taps, valves, showerheads, sinks and toilet bowls.

Appliances which we use daily such as washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters are all connected to these plumbing systems.  In order for our appliances to function properly, and to avoid causing damage to the pipes or prevent water leakages, we usually call in a professional plumber to make sure they are connected correctly.


Damages Caused By A Leaking Sink Pipe


When leaks occur in the pipes or sink drains under the sink, they usually go unnoticed for a long time.  Water running down from the pipes can damage the cabinet, the flooring and the ceiling of the unit down below.

Additionally, the damp musty environment can encourage mold to grow and the microscopic mold spores can become a health hazard to everyone in the household, causing respiratory problems, allergic reactions and even breakdowns in our nervous system.

Testing For Hidden Leaks

Steps To Test For Hidden Water Leaks

–       Turning off all your water valves.

–       Go to your water meter and check the meter reading.

–       Check your water meter reading again in a few hours time.

–       Make sure you do not use your water taps, toilets or other appliances.

–       If there is an increase in the water meter reading, then you may have a leak in your water supply.

We usually find leaks occurring at or near tubs, sinks and toilet bowls.  However sometimes, it may be also due to a leak in the pipes of your water supply system.

It is not that easy to detect where the leak in your pipe come from and even if you know where the leakage came from, without the necessary tools or expertise, you would still be unable to fix it.

And if the leaking pipe is due to water corrosion, it may burst any time and this will definitely cause untold damage and inconvenience to everyone in the house.

Why not do away with all the headaches and simply contact our professional plumbers – they are reliable and highly experienced, and would be able to solve your leaking pipe problem easily.

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