Install Taps

Need professional tap installation service for your new tap or faucet?

Spruce Up Quickly With New Taps


Are you tempted by your neighbor’s kitchen tap which has a useful pull-out head that functions as a sprayer?  Her model even comes with a mounting plate that conceals sink holes when mounted on a pre-drilled sink flange. 

Or you simply want to trade your outdated bathroom faucets for sleeker chrome ones, thereby creating a totally fresh and modern looking bathroom in the blink of an eye?


Additional Features Of Modern Taps

Perhaps you have just purchased a house and would like install new taps at various places in the house or you simply want to add a new tap in your existing house.

Perhaps you wish to install a new tap which has new features, such as anti-scald protection which prevents young children from being burnt accidentally.

Additional features include brushed metallic finishes, detachable spray nozzles, or even push button controls.  Depending on your household needs, you can also add a filter for drinking water, or install an adjustable flow-rate restrictor to conserve water.

Choosing A Suitable Tap For Yourself

After picking our preferred tap style and feature, we must also find one that fits the theme of our home’s décor.

For a warm, inviting look, use taps made of brass, bronze or copper.  If you prefer the slick and trendy style, nickel, chrome or stainless steel are good choices.  Try white or black for a classic look.

No matter what tap you pick, ensure that you stick to reputable brands for uncompromised quality.


If you lack confidence or do not have the necessary tools to install your brand new tap properly, do not hesitate to engage our professional tap installation service.

Our plumbing experts will do an onsite survey and assess your needs before providing you with a quotation for your consideration.  With our excellent workmanship and quick service, you can be assured that your new tap will be installed in the shortest time.

You may be interested to know that our company also provides tap repair, tap replacement and other plumbing services to all parts of Singapore.  Feel free to contact us whenever  you need help with your taps or any other plumbing needs.

Popular Styles Of Taps

The four most popular tap options are:

  1. Single-Hole

Taps with generally one handle connected to the spout that controls water temperature.  These taps are compact and a breeze to use, maintain and install.


  1. Center-Set

Taps where the handles and spout converge on a base unit.  These taps are the most common and least expensive, and work well with smaller sinks.


  1. Widespread

Taps featuring hot and cold water valves which are separate from the spout.  Though they are more expensive, they made up in terms of placement flexibility.

Because the handles are connected to the spout with flex tubes that can be rather long, widespread taps can be arranged in many ways, hence their increasing popularity.


  1. Wall-Mount

Taps that are typically installed at a greater height than normal ones.  These taps are suitable for non-traditional sinks, such as vessel sinks, that do not come with pre-drilled holes.

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