Install Showers

Need professional help to install a new shower in your bathroom?

Remodelling Your Bathroom


Love the modern look of a see-through glass shower where you can show off your beautiful marble and fancy shower fittings?  Perhaps you just wish to save precious space by converting your huge bathtub to a compact quadrant shower enclosure.  Inspired by your holiday at the luxurious Bali resort and wants to recreate a relaxing oasis in your master bathroom with a spacious soaking tub? 

There is no greater pleasure in life than relaxing in a warm, luxurious bubble bath and let your cares fade away.  However the hectic pace of life in Singapore means that more often than not, taking a shower is a more practical time-saving option.

Additionally, with Singapore’s soaring real estate prices, homes have become smaller and smaller (in view of the affordable quantum for most home owners), hence leading to shrinking bathrooms.  Thus most of us choose to install shower enclosures to save on space.


Choosing A Shower Enclosure

Nowadays, shower enclosures come in all sorts of designs and are packed with functions and features.

Fancy features may include steam generator, built-in music, touch screen controls, varying water pressures, massage functions and interior lighting.  On the other hand, a simple compact shower enclosure may be all we need for our bathroom.

If space is a premium, choose a walk-in shower cubicle.  For bigger bathrooms, try a larger sliding door option.  Pick easy-to-clean tempered glass or affordable PVC for your shower.

Modern glass showers now include glass on several or all sides.  The newer high-end ones are doorless, and usually require more space around them in order to show off the glass enclosure, and thus not suitable for smaller bathrooms.  If privacy is a concern, choose semi-transparent, etched glass or glass blocks.

For bigger bathrooms, if you pay a premium, you can even install a steam shower massage bath system.  Such a system may include an installed foot massager and other muscle massage system which is great for body aches and pains, especially for the elderly, the injured or those recovering from muscle problems.

There is no better way to relieve the stresses of fast-paced modern living than to retreat into your very own personal steam shower!


Converting A Bathtub To A Shower

To tear out your bath tub and install a shower is not an easy task.  You need to take into consideration the plumbing needs which your new shower demands and make sure all the sanitary fittings are installed correctly.

You are highly recommended to call a plumber to help carry out the job for you.  Our company’s reliable plumbing experts will be able to assess the job and quote a reasonable price for your consideration.

Our bathtub to shower conversion service will be able to transform your bathroom into a modern work of art in the shortest time.  We also offer services such as installing a new shower base or a skid-resistant shower floor, new shower faucets, new shower doors etc.

In summary, no matter which type of shower enclosure you choose to install, or what additional shower installation services you require, our reliable plumbers will be there to assist you.  So contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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