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I Want A New Toilet Bowl


Were you seduced by that new bathroom design you saw at the Tampines showflat last weekend?  Or do you wish to do away with your old squat toilet and install a new sitting toilet bowl to keep up with the times?  Or do you simply want to remodel your toilet and give it a facelift?

There are many reasons why people choose to install a new toilet.  Your choice of new toilet should not be based solely on its sleek design or its high-end brand.

Rather, your criteria in selecting a new toilet should take into account its reliability and proven flush performance.  A highly efficient and economical gravity flush toilet will serve you well for many years to come.


Choosing a New Toilet

Toilets have evolved in recent years.

No matter what is your style, there is bound to be a toilet that suits you, from square toilet to stainless steel ones.

These newly designed toilets are much more water-efficient and durable, and less likely to get clogged up.

These days, most new toilets have wide passages behind the bowl and wide flush valve openings – features that facilitate short powerful flushes.

New technology such as the dual flush system allows you to choose between two flushing options, depending on what needs to be flushed.  This means fewer re-flushes and a lower probability of clogged toilets.


Below are just some options you can consider:

  1. One-piece toilets have a tank and bowl made of one seamless unit.
  2. Two-piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl.  They are more common and less costly than one-piece models.  The cheapest models are compact, and have seats that are not as high above the ground as a full-size model.
  3. Elongated bowls are roughly 2 inches longer than regular round-bowl models, but the latter usually cost less.
  4. Elevated toilets have higher seats, generally 18 inches, as compared to the standard 15-inch models.


Flush Mechanisms

There are basically two types of flush mechanisms – the gravity-assisted flush and the pressure-assisted flush.

  1.  Gravity-assisted toilets allow water to rush down from an elevated tank into the toilet bowl.
  2. Pressure-assisted toilets rely on either compressed air or water pumps to boost flushing power.  Such toilets are relatively expensive, but they can reduce your water consumption by eliminating multiple flushes.  Some higher-end toilets are designed to get maximum pressure out of a small amount of water.  They employ narrower trapways (the path water takes when travelling through the bowl) in conjunction with large-diameter flush valves.

Professional Toilet Installation

No matter which toilet you choose, it is a messy job installing it yourself.

We have a team of professionals who can help you install your new toilet, quickly and efficiently.

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