Electrician Services

Need professional help with electrical installation, wiring, repairs and troubleshooting?

Electrical Services In Singapore

At Singapore Plumbing Works, we have experienced electricians to help you with some of the most common electrical issues you may face at home or at your work place.  These electrical emergencies may arise due to faulty household appliances.  Sometimes, it may be caused by aging electrical wiring, due to wear and tear over time.  Other common problems are dead power outlets, frequent tripping circuit breakers, faulty switches etc.



The Importance Of Electricity In Our Lives 

In our modern society, electricity has become such an integral part of our every day life that most of us take it for granted. Our electrical lights, water heater, air conditioners, televisions and all sorts of electrical appliances are powered by electricity, and we expect them to work whenever we switch them on.  Hence we get really upset and frustrated when the television cannot be switched on and we cannot watch our favourite TV show, or when the toilet light keeps flickering non-stop. Or worse, we experience a power trip and the whole house becomes pitch black, and we had forgotten to save our spreadsheet on the computer.


Reliable Electrical Services By Local Electricians

Our service electricians specialise in troubleshooting your electrical wiring problems, before making the necessary electrical wiring and/or rewiring and/or repairs.  From fuse boxes, circuit breakers and power sockets, to water heater switches, light switches and power trips, we will be able to handle all your electrical needs.


Light Fittings And Light Repairs

If you have a problematic light fixture, we can help you repair it.  If you need help with a new light fitting, leave the light installation work to us.  Some parts of the LED lights not lighted up? Let us help troubleshoot your internal wiring for you.

Flickering or dimming lightings or light bulbs?  You may have a potential electricity overload situation here.

Water Heater Switch And Light Switch

No hot water even after you have flipped your water heater switch to “ON” and you noticed the water heater indicator light is “ON” too? The problem may lie with the water heater, the heater switch, or the internal electrical wiring.

Ceiling light taking up to 10 seconds to light up, long after you have switched it on? Maybe you need to replace your old and worn out 2-gang light switch with a newer updated one.

Wall switch getting exceptionally hot?  Is this a dimmer switch issue or is your home’s old and worn wiring getting overheated?

One set of lights is supposed to be controlled by two sets of switches, but somehow it does not seem to work properly – has one of the switches been replaced or wired up wrongly?

Light switch is not controlling your light fixture at all? Light fitting, light switch or internal wiring problem?

Power Trips

Ironing your clothes halfway and suddenly the aircon stops working and the whole house blacked out?  Power failure?  Short circuit?  Is your iron faulty?  Or your circuit breaker faulty?  Or have you overloaded the power socket?  Let us diagnose the problem(s) for you.

Circuit breaker tripped and cannot be reset?  Circuit breaker trips whenever you plug in your hair dryer?

Professional Electrical Services

Electricity is a double-edged sword.

If you master it, you can use it to serve your needs. However, if you do not have the necessary expertise, it is very dangerous to meddle with it.  Hence it is always advisable to seek professional help with your electrical challenges at home or at your work place.  No matter what electrical services you need – electrical installation, electrical wiring and repairs, maintenance or diagnostic work, our electricians are here to service your every need.  Call us at 9729 1059 to book an appointment today!

Let Us Help You With Our Electrical Solutions


Repair Light

Fed up with your flickering light?


Repair Light Switch

Light switch not working?


Replace Light Switch

Upgrading or changing your faulty switch?


Power Trip

Having frequent power trips?


Electrical Wiring/Rewiring

Need new cabling for additional power sockets?


Main Circuit Breaker

Need help with a faulty MCB or DB Box?


Circuit Breaker Trip

Suspect your circuit breaker needs replacement?

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