Clogged Kitchen Sinks

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What Caused Your Kitchen Sink To Clog Up?

You are in the midst of washing the dirty dishes when you find that the water in the kitchen sink is unable to drain completely, and the leftover bits of vegetables from the soup bowl you’ve just washed are still floating around merrily in the greasy water.

Nothing can spoil your day more than a clogged kitchen sink, especially when you are in the midst of preparing a nice dinner for your family.  Even after you have cleared the sink clog by plunging vigorously, and finished preparing the meal, you are probably too drained to enjoy your meal after all that “exercise”.

Clogged kitchen sinks can result in dirty and soapy water overflowing from the pipe to your kitchen floor.  The water can be greasy and the smell is often very unpleasant.

5 Causes Of Clogged Kitchen Sinks

  1. Food particles that build up and get stuck at the drainage pipes
  2. Foreign objects obstructing the drainage pipe
  3. Liquid fats drained down the pipe solidify and blocked the pipes
  4. Accumulation of soap scum or other debris in the pipes

Prevent Choking Up Your Kitchen Sinks With Best Practices

5 Tips To Avoid Clogging Up Kitchen Sinks

  1. Always sieve out food particles no matter how small, before draining water down the sink
  2. Never pour liquid fats (eg. oily mutton soup, top layer of chicken soup) into the sink
  3. Before washing any utensils stained with oil (eg. cooking oil, olive oil), wipe off all traces of the oil with a kitchen towel.  Every little bit of oil will solidify and will accumulate over time in the drainage pipe, eventually causing pipe obstruction
  4. Regularly flush the drain with hot boiling water
  5. Regularly use a drain cleaner to remove food particles and grease clogs that accumulate in the drainage pipes

Despite all your efforts, it is inevitable that your kitchen sinks can still clog up every now and then.  When this happens, you can try to clear the clog yourself, but be warned that it is a greasy task and the smell can be very unpleasant.

If you decide to undertake the task yourself, make sure you have some basic plumbing tools such as the plunger and the snake (also known as the hand auger) in the house first.

In most cases, using a plunger or a snake is sufficient to remove the sink choke.

For more stubborn chokes, try pouring drain-cleaning chemicals down the sink.  If all else fail, it is time to call in the professionals to handle the situation.


Our licensed plumbers are all fully equipped and highly experienced.  They will be able to detect the blockage and clear your clogged kitchen sinks and any other sink chokes quickly and effectively.

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